Gemstone painting Vietnam is three-dimensional picture, it’s product made form natural gemstone by handmade, it’s for home and room… decorate and gift. From natural stone and creative, we use crush stone to making picture. When finish picture so three-dimension and natural colour.

gemstone painting

gemstone painting real picture

gemstone painting

gemstone painting have been finish from natural stone by handmade


  • Three-dimensional picture with all material are powder and piece natural gemstone
  • Fully colour of natural gemstone and not change in future, it very stable with time, not same cross stick picture
  • Best picture for home and room decorate
  • Best gift for room meeting in head quarter, company, university, school….
  • We can make any size any scenery as demand, small (30x 40 cm) to large size (200×300 cm)
  • Many size and scenery as your demand is favour to any culture and request
  • Gemstone painting easy transport and hang on the wall same any other kind picture
  • With many year manufacture and use, not have any problem when used gemstone painitng
  • All material is gemstone, with your experience in manufacture handmade gemstone painting, we supply best product 3-D picture for decorate home, rome, questhouse, company… any sencery and size as your demaind. Please contact us to take more help

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