Gemstone painting - water-colour

Gemstone painting – water-colour is sense picture about: landscape, waterfall, rive and mountain… In Eastern, they belived picture prove owner happy, wealthy, good bussiness

Gemstone painting is a three-dimensional picture, it make by hand crafted with many kind of stone. There are pricous stone and semi-pricous stone. Al gemstone are natural, not any treatment, form many size, and their properties of gemstone so picture is good colour and strong three-dimenstional painting.

gemstone painting - water-colour

gemstone painting – water-colour

Beside the traditional paintings, the gemstone artist can design the complete products of any other kinds of paintings. Depending on the cultural specialities of different regions and countries, the art enjoyment varies from area to area. Our gemstone paintings manufacturing fatory can provide any kinds of paintings as your demand!

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