Shipping rate & policies

We will discuss method shipping and policies.

– Gemstone painting when it finish, it including:  gemstone picture plate ( 5-15 mm), frame and front of glad (50-80 mm). So thickness of gemstone picture plate is smaller than it finish.

– We will making gemstone picture plate and sending, our partner received, they will choice material making frame and finish product, this method can reduce so much size and weigh of picture

Example: one cubic mettre ( 1 x 1 x 1 mettre) can contain 12 gemstone paiting picture finish ( everage 8 cm/ picture finish, it have framed) it can contain about 50 picture plate ( everage 2 cm/picture plate not have frame). It will so economic, reduce so much shipping cost.

We can discuss and agreement about shipping method:

– Shipping fast (UPS, DHL….) or economic shipping.

– We can shipping by sea, transport to have most property economic.

Please contact us and discuss your method shipping

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