Gemstone painting at is website of our company. We provide many type products about gemstone paiting. All picture are made from powder and piece gemstone and by handmade. It’s good three-dimension picture, good color and stable. We can supply it to many country, capacity production 300 picture/ month

Company: VNJ Vietnam Trading and Service Limited Company

TAX: 0107791876

 Address: 21B/250 – Nguyen Xien street, Thanh Xuan – district, Hanoi – city, Vietnam

Mobile phone: +84966050788, Please contact us direct or through WhatsApp, Zalo, Viber, Line and Wechat


Bussiness officer: Hai

Oficer service in VNJ

Officer service at VNJ

Please contact us to take more information you need. We will support all costumer with any information, hlep and guide travel to Vietnam if you visited us. We support all costumer when you travel in Vietnam and study about gemstone painting….