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        In 1991 – 1992, having heard that in Luc Yen district appeared a type of precious red gemstone – ruby, people on all sides flocked into this area to find and dig, causally a wave of quitting the farm occupation to dig gemstone in the forests around there. These farmers, after digging some stones, brought them to sell in markets setting the first foundation of gemstone trade. Good news has wings, the gemstone market  rapidly attracted people in everywhere to come here to buy goods, especially the businessmen in the neighbor countries such as Thailand. In the heyday, there were hundreds of gemstone stores and crowded commercial avenues set. The Luc Yen gemstone market was also established at that time and continually preserved until now.

        At the same time, in 1990’s, in Chau Binh forest area – Quy Chau district – Nghe An province suddenly appeared a hot trend of digging red stone called ruby after the gossip of that a geologist, in the process of geological investigation, discovered a ruby and sell it with very high price. Like the story in Luc Yen district, in Quy Hop and Quy Chau area, people gathered there to exlpoit gemstone then immediately trade to the merchants. After the tunnel landslide in Ty Chau Binh hill in June, 1991, because dozens of workers died from that accident, the exploitation was restricted by the local government but it has been preserved until now.

        Vietnam’s gemstone branch has been through 30 years of establishment and development. In the early period, a huge quantity of Vietnam gemstones were sold to foreign merchants, especially Thais, with low price due to the government’s non-rigid management and the explorers’ low awareness.

In Vietnam, besides the precious stone categories, the semi-precious stone ones are extremely plentiful and abundant:

Categories Exploiting places Features and colors
Spinel Luc Yen Gemstone group: 2

Stiffness level: 8

Colors: Orange red, rose, brown, purple blue

Peridot Tay Nguyen Bright golden green
Opal Tay Nguyen, Thanh Hoa, Nghe An Dark green, bright green, brown, golden brown, golden, white, purple.
Rose quartz  Tay Nguyen Light pink
Tourmaline Yen Bai, Vinh Phuc Sapphire, green, black
Calcite Yen Bai, Hai Duong, Nghe An Crystal
Pargasite Yen Bai Bright green, chartreuse green
Beryl Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Vinh Phuc Sky-blue, sea-blue
Fluorit Cao Bang, Tuy Hoa Sky-blue, purple, Mekong green
Garnet Yen Bai, Nghe An, Thanh Hoa Dark red, brown red, brown
Zircon Binh Thuan Brown, golden brown, crystal
Amethyst Lan Dong, Nghe An, Thanh Hoa Purple, Rose purple
Smoky quartz Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Lam Dong Brown

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       Basing on the diversity and richness of gemstone materials, gemstone painting branch in Vietnam was early originated and established. This type of painting was made totally from precious and semi-precious materials to save all the materials exploited. During a long period of development and improvement, Vietnam’s gemstone painting branch has expanded widely in terms of model and quality day by day.

        Being made from a plenty of natural precious and semi-precious gemstone, with the same essence of stone size and color, each of gemstone paintings has its own unique picture features: 3D (three-dimensional) properties, brightness level, light  reflection level,… In addition, the natural precious and semi-precious stone elements, which are influenced by the geological and environmental impacts in a long period of time, have reformed their molecular structure to become more enduring and to preserve their timeless beauty.

The most popular gemstone paintings in Vietnam:

        + Vietnam’s natural landscape gemstone paintings: The lifelike description of Vietnam’s countryside, the ancient village temples, The Ha Long cave’s well-known romantic scenes,…

gemstone painting, piece of art, gemstone picture

gemstone painting, piece of art, gemstone picture

      + The world natural landscape gemstone paintings: The world popular sites such as the Great Wall in China, house in the forests, house beside the spring-stream, the Europe architecture lakes,…

gemstone painting, piece of art, gemstone picture

gemstone painting, piece of art, gemstone picture

        + The four-season gemstone paintings: A painting of the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, in the Asian’s belief, will bring people the richness and happiness,…

Gemstone painting - four-season picture 4

Gemstone painting – four-season picture 4

        + The animal gemstone paintings: The lifelike paintings of animals such as horses, tigers, phoenixes,… with the sharp lines creating the paintings’ depth…

Gemstone painting tiger 8

gemstone painting

      + The sailing gemstone paintings: The paintings of sea and the sailing boats… In the Asian’s belief, these paintings help to bring the luck to business…

gemstone painting product

gemstone painting product

        + The water-color gemstone paintings: The paintings of mountains and rivers which are used to decorate houses and offices are belived to bring the luxury and wealth to people…

        + The happy longevity paintings: The Asian use this kind of painting in the longevity party to wish the old health and happiness with their respectation.

            + The calligraphy gemstone paintings: The paintings of Asian calligraphic art which are used to decorate houses, offices, family temple,… with meanings of happiness, fortune and longevity…

      + The flower gemstone paintings: The paintings of beautiful flowers in nature such as peony, peach, apricot, lotus, chrysanthemum, tuberose,… which are normally used to decorate house, especially the bedroom.

gemstone painting flower

gemstone painting flower

          + The still-life gemstone paintings: The paintings of still lives such as flower bouquets, flower baskets, plants, fruit table,…

gemstone painting, piece of art, gemstone picture, gemstone art

gemstone painting, piece of art, gemstone picture, gemstone art

      + The portrait gemstone paintings: The lifelike gemstone paintings of portrait as the customer’s requirement with the high artistry and realistic depth.

Gemstone painting portraits

Gemstone painting portraits

       Beside the traditional paintings, the gemstone artist can design the complete products of any other kinds of paintings. Depending on the cultural specialities of different regions and countries, the art enjoyment varies from area to area. Our gemstone paintings manufacturing fatory can provide any kinds of paintings as your demand!

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        In order to promote the strength of dexterity and diligent of Vietnamese artist, with the aim to contribute to develop the gemstone painting craft and create art product line of interior and application. We hope to provide you the most high quality products satisfying your requirement.

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