Shipping rate & policies

We will discuss method shipping and policies.

– Gemstone painting when it finish, it including:  gemstone picture plate ( 5-15 mm), frame and front of glad (50-80 mm). So thickness of gemstone picture plate is smaller than it finish.

– We will making gemstone picture plate and sending, our partner received, they will choice material making frame and finish product, this method can reduce so much size and weigh of picture
– We can supply frame as demand, almost frame here is synthetic plastic.

  • All product are pack in wooden box before shipment. it warranty picture not broken or damage.

Example: one cubic meter ( 1 x 1 x 1 meter) can contain 12 gemstone painting picture finish ( average 8 cm/ picture finish, it have framed) it can contain about 50 picture plate ( with average 2 cm/picture plate not have frame). It will so economic, reduce so much shipping cost.

We can discuss and agreement about shipping method:

– Shipping fast (UPS, DHL, TNT….) or economic shipping.

– We can shipping by sea, transport to have most property economic.

Please contact us and discuss your method shipping

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